The Product

As a team you always want to improve yourself and as a team in this fast changing world where even the competition does not sit still. But it is hard to keep track of what you do know and what you still need to learn. By using our recommendations engine you will not only know how far your knowledge has reached but also gives you recommendations of what workshops you should do in order to improve yourself. When a user fills out multiple page of survey questions the recommendations engine is able to know what workshops you need to be doing. This gives you a clear oversight of how much you know as a team and what you can do so that you don't need to figure out where to start. Instead you can start immediately with improving yourself and as a team! Our recommendation engine has been made in a way where it can learn to improve itself so that it is able to give better recommendations over time. Our software keeps track of what a user fills in the survey and that will be stored in the database as a pair with the data and cookie of the user. When a user chooses a recommended workshop the data of it paired with the cookie will be sent to the recommendation engine so that it can improve itself.

The Customer

We had a great pleasure working together with our client. Not only because he was someone who we could learn a lot from but also because he had a lot of experience from the real world. Every meeting we had he gave us some knowledge about how it should be done in the real world or what is expected from us in the real world. In the beginning we had some start up problems where we expected some data to receive that we could use but unfortunately that was not available. But we were still able to make progress with our project and we were happy to hear that he was impressed of our work. The meetings that we had with our customer was always online but he was still able to help us as much as he could.

  • Alone you can conquer a country but together you can conquer the world
The Team

We as a team did have great communication with eachother. We used whatsapp as out main communication platform. If we had any problems or information to share, we could sent it any time of the day. Since, we had different specialisations in our team, we decide to divide the tasks properly with eachother. However, just because you were tasked with something didn’t mean you weren’t able to ask for help from the others. If there was a problem it would be put in the whatsapp group and we would solve it as a team. We even had a great time with eachother and generally had a good time as a group even though we didn’t know eachother very well. We accepted eachothers flaws and gave recognition when someone did know more than the other, so the important thing was to be able to rely on the rest of the group when needed.0

The Technologies