The Product

Do you have very important forms that your clients need to fill in? And do you want to digitalize this process? We (group 7) have the solution, a highly configurable forms website that produces lightweight forms for unique users to fill in. It runs very smooth and cuts down on time for data processing because all the forms that are filled in by the user are immediately saved in the backend. We provide a platform that makes it easy and intuitive to setup and fill out forms. These forms consist of multiple pages that for the form to be filled out all have to be signed. Each page consists of multiple sections, these could be a list of checkboxes, radiobuttons, a video or just informative text. At the end of the page the customer can either choose to sign the page and go to the next, ask a question about the page and come back to it later or just skip the page and leave it unsigned. We have written the project with Angular in Javascript which makes for a very minimal and efficient environment.

The Customer

Our customer was CHDR and our contact person there was Vasilis. Every two weeks we would meet and it was a clear way we would meet. We started with just eliciting requirements and trying to find out what the project was about and what was expected from us. Every meeting, first we would discuss our last sprint and then we would talk about the next sprint and if he agrees with what we wanted to realize for that sprint. Our relationship with Vasilis was formal, but he was clear in his communication and it was always useful to meet with him. We could always contact him through email and he would respond within a few hours. All in all, we were all satisfied with the collaboration with Vasilis and we would recommend working with him on similar products or projects.

  • "Documentation gives you more pros than there are cons"
  • "Having the right motivation is more important than having the right skill set"
The Team

At first it was a little bit new for us all to work in this team. Almost everybody had different backgrounds and everyone had different skill sets. This meant we had to figure out how to use those skills in our best interest. After the first few meetings we found out a little bit what everyone’s task was going to be and we started working. We were all positive about working together and because everyone took their tasks seriously we were moving forward. Every sprint we were taking big steps towards the end, which gave us good motivation to keep going. I think because of this motivation we managed to take this project to a successful end.

The Technologies