The Product

Try to escape from the room, while time traveling! With the interface and endgame we made, you get the full experience to play the exciting Escape Game from Museum Speelklok. The visitors of the museum will be able to solve play an escape game about the self-playing music instruments. The visitors need to play multiple games inside a room that is designed for it. In the middle of the room, there is a time machine with a screen. We designed the interface that is used for this game. The players start at the time machine, where they will see the instructions of the game. After they finished reading the instructions, the players can fill in their teamname. By clicking on the start button, they start the game and the timer. Every time a new game starts, the light above the current game will turn on and the light of the previous game will be turned off. After the players finished the game, they get a code. They can fill in the code on the screen. The screen will check whether the code is correct. After every correct code, the team collects a gear. After all the gears are collected, it is time for the endgame. The endgame uses the gears that were collected during the previous games. During the endgame, the team needs to make sure all the gears turn by putting them in the correct order. After the endgame is finished, the team will see the time they spent during the game (which will also be their score). On the high score list, the team can see whether they made the top 5. You can watch our demo via this link:

The Customer

Our customer was very enthusiastic about the project. We had meetings every two weeks, to discuss the progress of our project. Our first meeting was at the museum in Utrecht, where we could see the room the game would be played in. The other meetings were usually held online, via Teams. There was one other time, where our team members visited the museum. This meeting was a bit unpleasant, due to some misunderstandings between our team members and the technician that was hired by the museum. Fortunately, this problem was solved by the husband of our client (that also works for LIACS). Our client gave us feedback during every meeting (and sometimes after the meetings via email). The client was easily accessible via email or by phone. Overall, we had a pleasant experience with our customer.

The Team

Our team was put together very well, which made this project a lot more exciting. The team consisted of 7 people from different backgrounds, this was very helpful. Everyone helped each other out when someone got stuck with the code or did not understand something. We all made sure to finish our part before we had our meetings with the client and that worked out great. We had sprint meetings every two weeks, where we divided the assignments for our project. This worked out really well, everyone was always present during the meetings. A lot of us did not know each other before this project, but this was not a disadvantage for us. The team was split into two smaller groups, so we could work together more efficiently. This helped us finish the project faster. Overall, our experience with our team was very nice.

The Technologies