The Product

Do you know the struggle of wanting to talk about a wicked problem on a big scale, but with the amount of comments and the amount of time that an discussion has already been going on for, it isn’t even understandable? Then you need to use Crowdiplade. Crowdiplade is a discussion platform where big numbers of people can discuss wicked problems. You can do this with for example friends, colleagues or strangers. As an organisation you can post discussions and choose to do this publicly or privately. This way, when you want a lot of input from outside your organisation everyone on the platform can see your discussions and participate. But when you want to discuss a problem that is only meant for your members or employees, this can also be done privately. On Crowdiplade you can use the deliberation rounds and discussion summaries as a useful tool to better understand the progress of a discussion, to help you understand what has already been said and to help you understand the essence of your own opinion better. The websites has a clear layout and is very easy to use. On the homepage you can see a list of discussions in which you can participate, the discussions can also be filtered per category. when entering a discussion you can see the summaries from previous deliberation rounds and expand the comments on that round. When you are up to speed you can comment on the problem or on other user’s inputs. At the end of a deliberation round in which you are participated you are required to fill in a very short summary. This way new users can get up to speed, or when coming back to the discussion later, you can easily see what you thought about the subject. In short, Crowdiplade is a very clear and convenient website to use for big discussions with a lot of different inputs. So if you never want to participate in an unstructured and obscure discussion again? Use Crowdiplade!

The Customer

Our customer is a PhD student in Artificial Intelligence. Since the platform was part of his own project, the process of developing it was very flexible. He made clear demands of what was important for his project and included us in his thought process himself. The meetings went smoothly, and communication was flawless. This resulted in a good relationship with him.

  • The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.
The Team

We would describe our team as a very good coherence of students with different qualities. When we got together for this project we didn’t really know each other, so we didn’t know what to expect. It soon became clear that we could learn a lot from each other. We decided to work in groups of two and switch those teams later on. This way every member got to work together and we could use our qualities in the best way possible. We all were present at the times we were expected to work on the project and everyone was very motivated to do so. We experienced that this really helped with finishing the project on time and also group dynamics. This way no one fell behind and everyone did approximately the same amount of work. At the end we are very pleased with the result of the project and the team we worked in.

The Technologies