CHDR Frontend

The Customer

Our client was CHDR. The employee we had contact with was very kind and it was nice working with him. The client had little to no experience with programming so he was not always aware of all the possibilities and all possible problems that could occur. We knew about this from the start, so for us it was just a matter of picking the right approach to make sure he understands what we are doing. Our communication with him was good and without problems. We could email him with any questions we had and he replied very quickly. We have faced some obstacles in this project (some beyond our control), but he always tried to fix them as soon as possible so we could continue. He was honest to us about what he wanted and he told us his thoughts about the implemented features, whether he liked them or not. This made it easier for us to implement what he asked for. In our last meeting he gave good feedback on how he experienced the project from his point of view.

Working on a project with a team is really nice, Applying all things we have learned was fun, Finally putting agile into action
The Team

We are three third year Computer Science students and three third year Computer Science & Economics students. During this project, we used the Scrum method to make sure we did everything the client wanted us to do. This worked very well for us. We had good communication within the team as well and everyone did their own part to ensure a good end result.

The Technologies