UML Rule Editor

The Product

The "UML Rule Editor" project has already made sure that a user can create a UML diagram. Most users create UML diagrams to visualize a project before it takes place, or after a project as part of the documentation. Concretely, this means iteratively adding boxes, deleting them, creating relations and then moving and deleting everything... A painful process, until you are satisfied with your model. Our contribution to the project facilitates the addition of rules, in order to smoothen the process. The user simply types a rule in natural language, our system processes this, and bob's your uncle. Now a user has their UML diagram extended with constraints that were simply formulated in natural language.

The use of this "Rule Editor" within the context of ngUML has always been absent. Therefore, creating a possibility to add constraints of the following form, "A Dutch postal code consist of 4 numbers and 2 letters" to a UML diagram should definitely be considered a groundbreaking result of our "ngUML Rule Editor project".

The Customer

Throughout this project we have been working with Dr. G.J. Ramackers as our client. He is the head researcher of the ngUML team. He was very involved in the project. We had meetings every Tuesday. Here we discussed the work we did past week and could get some feedback. We also planned what to do for the next week. Because of his knowledge of the ins and outs of this project he knew very well what he wanted and had answers to questions we had. He was also very positive and inspired us to do a good job every week.

"Don't comment bad code — rewrite it.", "Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.", "You can't have great software without a great team"