Light Weight Ship Estimation

The Product

The New LWSE tool replaces the previous version based on an Excel spreadsheet. It provides a user-friendly and efficient web application, allowing C-Job to streamline its current design process and solve problems with the previous version. First, we use a python back-end instead of the excel VBA macro calculations. This approach solves the problem of slow calculation processes and high dependence on computer performance. The estimates are handled remotely on the server, and users can access the website anytime and anywhere without obstacles. Second, the LWSE tool also provides shipbuilding templates, and OEM data. So naval engineers can reduce repetitive design work. And they can more accurately estimate ship design and construction budgets based on existing data. We also integrate third-party features into the website. The LSWE supports CAD modeling and output, allowing designers to transfer design drawings directly to manufacturing and suppliers. The initial vessel design data is decisive for the later construction, so a critical focus of this product is to ensure the accuracy of the calculation process. In terms of the system's accuracy, we have designed multiple tests and verifications to ensure the accuracy of the data. Once a calculation error occurs, the system will highlight and give feedback to the user in time to perform a timely check. The new tool increases processing performance and enhances the user's experience. This product could not only be an internal tool but also a commercially available product with a good potential market. There is a certain need for an easy-to-use and well-performing web tool to estimate the ideal light ship weight for ship architecture companies. Therefore, the LWSE tool has a very high potential to bring significant additional revenue to the C-Job. In summary, the Light Weight Ship Estimation tool will undoubtedly represent a valuable auxiliary tool to every naval engineer in the industry.

The Customer

This project was commissioned by C-Job. This is an organisation designing ships. These naval architects use several tools in their design process. One big aspect of this process is weight. Weight of a ship and all components of a ship need to be tracked and recorded. Currently, a self-developed Excel Macro sheet is used for this. However, this tool has become insufficient. It has been slow, aggravating and prone to crashes for naval architects. Our team was tasked to rebuild this tool as a webapplication. This would make the tool more future-proof, allow for expansion and remove the slowness and crashes.

"Meeting most requirements in time is an educational challenge"
The Team

Our team consists of member of diverse backgrounds and interests. We divided the team into relevant fields that needed work, like back-end and front-end. Each member gravitated towards the field they liked best. Each member contributed to their best ability to ensure the best result given this timeframe. In each field of this project, a natural leader emerged to take the team in the right direction while treating each other as equals. Resulting in a pleasant environment for every member to contribute and bring ideas to light. Every member got informed what decisions were being made in a different field as everyone was open about development and ideas.

The Technologies