Literature Review Generator

The Product

As is known, authoring a research paper or thesis takes a lot of time and effort. Writing these academic papers is quite a journey, as it involves literature studies, data analysis and research. As part of an academic paper, a literature review is an important base. It requires searching for the right articles and books, reading them, summarizing them, and using the outcome of it in your academic paper. To make this process more efficient, we have created the Literature Review Generator web tool. The tool is easily used. The only thing that you have to do is insert keywords related to a topic that is relevant for the academic paper into this tool. The tool will provide you with several articles appropriate for the search and allow the user to select the relevant articles. When all articles are selected, it generates a literature review based on the chosen literature for you. It solves the time-consuming task of literature review by generating those reviews automatically. With the use of this tool, you will save yourself valuable time that you can put into other activities related to research. Additionally, generating the literature review automatically will take away the tedious task of writing this. Therefore, allowing for more time to be spent on the research itself.

The Customer

Our customer is Yingjie Fan. She is an Assistant Professor in Data-Driven Marketing and Supply Chain Management at Science Based Business (SBB). From the beginning we have had a good relationship with her. We had a meeting every 2 weeks on Friday. In these meetings we were able to exchange our thoughts and feedback. The meetings were relatively informal, she was open to suggestions and we were able to have open discussions about the project. Her passion for the project inspired us to deliver our best work and we are excited to see how future engineers will improve the project.

"Sprint retrospectives are a fun way to get to know your teammates and their thoughts.", "Code is like humor: if you have to explain it, it is bad."
The Team

Our team consists of six members. We have had a nice mix of students from different academic backgrounds. Everyone was able to contribute in their own way and use their strengths where needed. We had an informal relationship, which made it easier to give each other feedback. This brought a great dynamic to our meetings, both internal and those with the client. We enjoyed this project a lot.

The Technologies