OpenML Mythbusting

The Product

Always wanted to run different algorithms on different tasks? Always wanted to do it in the most efficient way, but you are not a data scientist yourself? Well, here is your solution! Introducing OpenML Mythbusting webapp! Where you can simulate a data scientist online! This awesome platform includes running flows on different tasks and give you the best overview of the chosen flows. OpenML Myhtbusting includes:
Visualization aspects
Live error log
Live running of missing tasks from flows

The Customer

At the start of the project, we had some hurdles to overcome. At the beginning there was a lack of proper communication with the customer, however as we went on with the project our communication improved. The customers were very open and friendly towards us which resulted in a healthy customer relationship.

"Communication equals teamwork", "Be productive, be creative"
The Team

Our team had some hurdles to overcome before we could work productive. This was due to our poor communication, we did not ask questions or share any progress with each other. This resulted in unproductiveness. However, after a meeting with the teaching assistant, our team relationship improved. Misinformation aspects and misunderstandings were solved. All in all, it was an honor to work with each other, despite the initial issues.

The Technologies