Lab Notebook

The Product

Our web-app allows students to check their logic proofs in real-time without having to install any sort of proof-checker software on their device. Which can be ambiguous, hard to install and/or use, un-portable from operating system to operating system etc. Now students can just surf the web to a specific web page and fill in their proofs. This makes learning logic subjects a lot more accessible. But not only learning the logic subjects is made more accessible, also teaching those subjects is a lot less easier! If the teacher wanted the students to work at home on a subject, he had to hand out homework. This homework, of course, had to be checked. This could be done by the teacher and/or his/her teaching assistants. Or the students could check their own work. This has a number of negative effects. It takes up time to check the proofs, the proofs can only be checked after the homework was handed in, or students checking their own work does not always work out. Now their work can be checked, guaranteed to be correct, in real time! Not only saving time, but also effort, with less room for error. Uploading files to the web app by the teacher has been made very accessible. He can easily organize the files, chapters, paragraphs etc.

The Customer

The customer, in the beginning, was very realistic about the project. He was very communicative and did not have any expectations which were unrealistic. He is also a member of Liacs which made it not to difficult to organize a meeting every two to three weeks. The requirements which he asked us to implement where always pretty clear. However, in the last meeting which we had with him he seemed a bit disappointed with the product. Which was very unfortunate because he seemed very pleased the meeting prior. But he said he had no recollection of that meeting. Also as time went on, the requirements became a lot bigger and came in greater numbers. The client kind of lost his realistic vision at the end of the project. But these slightly unfortunate occurrences do not stand in the way of us experiencing the collaboration as very pleasant.

"Developing software requires more skills than just programming", "Putting in extra work in documenting the process, saves a lot of work in the long run", "Communication is key"
The Team

The team could be described as a dream team. We knew each others strengths and weaknesses. This way, we could fill in for one another when someone was in need of some help. It also made up for the fact we knew what to expect from each-other and determine the attainability of not only the requirements which we needed to incorporate, but the attainability of the whole project. It can be derived from the fact that the team already knew each other from before the Software Engineering course. But this also meant we could trust each other on actually adding something to the team. Also we knew there was (almost) no change of team members not responding when being contacted about the project.

The Technologies