SE Administration

The Product

Our system makes sure that students and projects will be assigned to each other automatically. Each group of students hands in their bid using our website. The bid contains their top 3 preferences, an expectation and a motivation. De teacher rates their bids and our system will assign the projects automatically. A company can submit their project by their own, all they need to do is to sign in with an private account, created by the teacher. When a project is submitted, the teacher can chose to accept or reject the project. When the project is approved, the assigning process begins, but not after all students have enrolled their selves in a team. The person who joins as first will be the captain and can make the bids and remove unwanted team members. After the projects have been assigned, the team members can start working on the project. The staff of the course will be able to change project statuses during the whole course, so if a project will be accepted by an accident, this can be undone easily. After a project is finished, it will be given the closed status and the project will be shown on a website, where the whole world can see what LuDev has achieved.

The Customer

The relation between us and the customer was nice. It looked like we had a strong emotional connection, so that helped us with fixing certain difficult problems. We did not hesitate to ask questions.

"Teamwork makes the dream work"
The Team

Our team consisted of 6 students, 4 CS and 2 CS&E. At the start, we discussed our strong points and divided the tasks accordingly. We had the regular scrum and project master, and we split the remainder into 2 frontend and 2 backend developers. The diversity in our team was very useful, as the group consisted of both developers with prior experience in web development and newcomers to web development who were eager to learn the ins and outs of creating the website with all the available tricks. We worked a lot in a group at the university as this made communication, assistance and feedback easier than working fully remotely.

The Technologies