Leidsche Flesch Database Overview

The Product

Huge codebases come with huge complexity, and also make the fresh developers' life harder when they decide to learn a new project. The purpose of this project is to lower the learning curve for software project newcomers and also reduce time spent on non-value-adding services (e.g. writing documentation).

The application can perform on Git repositories and visualize the relations of code usages in different codebases. This tool made visual connections with different codebases and lots of time will be saved with the automatic relationship graph generation.

The user can select different projects that they can apply this tool on, they will get a result graph and also the complexity of their project.

The Customer

Our customer was Tom Borsje, vice-praeses, assessor extern & ICT of the study association De Leidsche Flesch. We had weekly meetings with the customer. These meetings had an informal tone, and we enjoyed the meetings. The customer was always positive and enthiusiastic about the project and our progress.

"Working in a team can pose unforeseen challenges", "For a team to function optimally, the motivated members should focus on involving the rest"
The Team

Our team was quite diverse. We had some issues with balancing the workload of the project amongst all team members, but during the course we managed to overcome these issues. This resulted in a useful product for DLF.

The Technologies