Hedy Language Translation

The Product

Programming is an essential part of most of the work profiles of the future. Teaching programming right from childhood provides a good method to create a trained workforce for the future. Hedy Language Translation provides a self-paced programming teaching platform to children. It achieves this by incrementally increasing difficulty in its teaching methodology while also providing a lot of examples. Step-by-step introduction is given for all the goals of programming. It aims to even take away the hindrance of learning English as a precursor to programming. By creating a self-paced programming teaching platform in the local languages, it can bring the benefits of programming across the world while also making sure that the native culture is promoted.

Hedy Language Translation aims to make collaborate with schools, governments, and universities to create a multi-tiered marketing program to help achieve the goal of teaching programming in local languages. The marketing plan for Hedy aims at first targeting government grants, university grants, and schools and colleges for the Dutch language implementation phase. Government grants aim to raise money for further development. University grants aim to create a research environment for its growth. The aim with schools is to start its incorporation in the teaching flow and raise money with it.

Since Hedy Language Translation is aimed at children and can be used by them with little assistance, the primary customer target is schools. Schools can use Hedy Language Translation to easily teach their children how to program. By targeting schools, Hedy Language Translation can reach a lot of children easily. Schools might also have the funds needed to donate to Hedy Language Translation.

The Customer

The relationship with the client was not an ordinary client-customer relationship. This is because the client worked with us on the project. She understood the problems we encountered very well. The client was very accessible; she answered always within a day on GitHub and often within a few hours. In addition, the client was very motivated to successfully bring this project to an end. This also provided a lot of motivation for us. We could often physically visit her office, but she actually preferred that we contact her via GitHub. This is because then other people could also respond to our questions.

Respecting each other in a team is important
The Team

Each team member's strengths and weaknesses were different. This was because the team follows several fields of study, namely: Computer Science and Economics, Pre-master, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. We have tried to make the best use of each other's strengths. This resulted in the fact that especially Informatics and Economics students entered into a conversation with the client and made sure the Scrum process was used. Others were more focused on the actual programming. In the team there was time for a nice chat, but the meetings in which we determined the sprint backlog, were very efficient. Every member learned a lot from this project.

The Technologies