SE Administration

The Product

Once logged in on the homepage, the admin has an overview of all of the teams, as well as an overview of how many students have been added to each team. The admin is also able to add new projects to the homepage, editing these projects is also possible. Students can also be deleted from the course altogether. One of the most important parts is that the admin can grade the motivation the teams have given and run an algorithm to bind a team to an available project. In between the project, the admin can assign bonuses to teams, which will lead up to the final grade. This final grade can be downloaded in a CSV formatted file. Which makes the submission of grades very easy for the admin. admin can add projects to the homepage, grade the motivation of students for the available projects. We also made a start on the student page. This page consists of the ability to enrol into any of the available teams. Finally, we worked on cookies, which made sure that only the admin can access the admin page, which leads to the admin having the rights to edit the components on this page.

The Customer

The website we needed to make was a website for the Software Engineering course. The website needed to make the life of the teaching assistants easier. Because of this, our client was the Software Engineering course. As a 'visual' client we got one of the teaching assistants to have our meetings with. Our relationship with our client was quite pleasant. He gave us a clear overview of what he wanted to see and what requirements he had. He gave us positive feedback on our demo's. So it was clear what to do for our next demo.

"Not only do you learn more with each other, you learn more about each other"
The Team

Our team consists of six team members. We have used scrum to regulate tasks and our project. The first few weeks, we worked as a whole to create a steady set-up. After this, we divided the components among the team members. Each week, we informed our team members about our progress and updates. Throughout the project working together was a nice experience. Our team members were all very helpful towards each other. Our team consisted of Computer Science and Computer Science & Economics students, this made sure there was a good dynamic because we all had different expertise. Overall, working on this project was not only nice to gain experience, but it was also a nice way to make new friends.

The Technologies