The project

When tournaments for Tang Soo Do are planned in the Netherlands, there is someone who manually spends a lot of time to collect all the participants and divide them into poules. There are a couple of qualifications that the poules need to have. For example, a little kid of 8 years old can't be in the same poule as a 30 year old adult. Sometimes a participant decides to drop out and the poules need to be rearranged which takes a lot of time to do. With the tournament maker, a lot of time can be saved. Participants can be added in the program and they can also be downloaded so a list of all participants is available to the user. The user can make fair poules with only one click on a button. The algorithm divides the participants on age. When the poules are too big, they will be divided on the colour of their belts. Poules can only be a certain size, for every poule, there need to be least 5 persons and at most 10 persons. The poules can also be downloaded. The user can select where they want the poules to download to and then a .csv file with the poules and the participants in the poules will be downloaded to that folder. This gives easy access to the user to print the poules.

The customer

The customer is the Tang Soo Do sporting branch of the Netherlands. This is the group that does not have access to a Tournament Program and makes poules by hand. Possibly more martial art groups in the Netherlands have the same problem. They would be a potential customer too. The connection between us and the customer is that Laura is a member of the Tang Soo Do sporting branch and has the possibility of assisting in the creation of a tournament. The head of the Dutch Tang Soo Do association is a (slightly) older man who manages the entire set-up for all of the tournaments but usually does this by hand. This is why the program that we create needs to be easy to understand as the customer is not very familiar with programs and computers.

"Working in a team might require some patience as you need to wait for another person in your team to finish their tasks"
The team

Our team has been very persistant. We started of on another project, which was not working for us. We tried for weeks to make it work, and solved many problems on the way, but couldn't get it running. We got another project and in 4 weeks, we managed to create this program. Omid worked on creating the framework and connection to the database and adding participants to the database. He also implemented small features. Sabri created an algorithm himself to divide the participants into poules and implemented that in the program. Laura created all of the deliverables and the UI and made sure every task was done. Mika and Jay made the Participants and Poule list downloadable and cleaned up the code and they finished the first project.

The technologies