SE Administration

The project

We created a new website which gives teachers an easy way to quickly assign a big number of projects to student groups with minimal effort. The website uses algorithms to assign the projects to the student group that is the best fit. The algorithm looks at the students personal project choices, their mastery of programming languages and their team skills. Clients can create projects with a description and favorable skills and/or programming languages and submit these. The teacher will be able to accept these or decline them if they do not suit the course. Teachers also have tools to make sure the student groups are well balanced with skills that complement each other. They can also lock certain teams to specific projects before the algorithm is executed. Logging in to submit projects or student bids is not required and the entire project can be run in just a few button clicks. This way, the website makes linking projects to student groups an easy and quick task to perform.

The customer

We had a good relationship with the client on this project. Every two weeks we had a meeting, these meetings started physical which was very nice but after a few meetings, the meetings went online because of corona. During these meetings we showed our progress that we made during the two-week sprint. In total, we had seven sprints, so seven meetings.
Our client was a fine person to work with, and he always gave clear and good feedback of what he wanted to see. As a team we were very content with the kind of workflow we had with the client and would certainly recommend him for other projects.

"It is important to be able to have a good laugh once in a while when working hard as a group."
The team

In the beginning our team consisted of seven students. At the start of the project, we made a good assessment of what skills each one of us had and divided the tasks of the project according to these skills. Up until the first meeting everything went well, at least that was what we thought. Students in our team did not express their feelings about a certain team member until after the 1st meeting. So, the weeks after the 1st meeting, we concluded as a team that one of the members had to go. This was a bummer, but in the end all went well.
The other team members all did their fair share of the project and worked well according to the planning. So in the end we can say that we had a good team.

The technologies