Profiling human activity

The project

We created a data visualization tool for data collected within the Profiling human activity project. This allows the user to quickly compare group and individual behaviour before and after an intervention.
The application consists of 3 different tabs, one for the visualization of the data of a single participant, another to visualize the data of multiple participants, and the last to compare certain groups and/or participants. This makes the application easy to use and allows the user to easily visualize the data in the way that they would want.
Our application is quite minimalistic in design with very deliberate design choices so that the user can easily use the program and so that the program itself does not distract from the graphs that visualize the data.

The customer

Our customer was the Biomedical Data Sciences department of the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC). PhD candidate Stelios Paraschiakos was our weekly contact and was a very helpful client in guiding us towards his idea of the final product.
We had weekly meetings where we gave Stelios a demo of our project and allowed him to provide direct feedback and goals for the upcoming week. This manner of working allowed our team to work efficiently and allowed Stelios to always be aware of any changes that were made to the application. During these meetings Stelios provided us with slides and drawings of his ideas but also allowed us to input our own ideas.

"Learning new tools and conventions really created a productive environment."
The team

Our team consisted of six members: two computer science students and four bioinformatics students. We worked on the project altogether once a week and on that same day, we also met with the client. During the meeting without the client, all team members worked on a shared vision.
On the days we worked together, we started out with a retrospective meeting about the previous week. After this we met with our client. Finally, after this meeting we planned out the next week on gitLab and divided all the tasks amongst ourselves.

The technologies