The project

We created a an application to digitize the Progress, Quality and Research Support program for PhD students at Leiden university. It was important the students and staff would have a simple and easy to use interface, so we focused on that. We used modern front-end libraries to create a modern looking product which is easy to use.

The customer

This software is primarily intended to be used by the coordinator who manages the PQRS project. However, there are other users that are part of the process as well. Supervisors of PhD research projects, PhD students and interviewers also interact with the software through the use of links and digital forms. They have to fill in these forms every now and then when the coordinator so desires. We made sure to stay in close contact with the coordinator and ask her for feedback often to make sure that the software we wrote satisfies the desired user experience.

"Making something is easy, making something work well is incredibly hard."
The team

Our software engineering group is of a mix of computer science students with varying backgrounds.

The technologies