The project

We created an App that makes learning logic more fun and engaging. The app supports teachers in overcoming the most substantial obstacle in conveying their knowledge: managing to make the matter speak to their students. The CoolProof app is designed for touchscreen based usage which makes the whole process more interactive. Also, by providing extra guidance in the easy mode, exploring logic becomes more accessible.
The practice material is divided into levels, so internalizing the matter is gamified in a way that will definitely be appreciated by the students. The structured interface gives users a good idea of the expected notation in logical proofs. Steps in the proof are easily undoable, making erroneous steps less demotivating as well as incentivizing students to explore different possibilities during this process. The sophisticated proof checker in this app shows which parts of the proof are correct, thereby supplying students with the assistance that is crucial in understanding the matter. Lastly, students get to employ their creativity by entering their own sequents to work on. In summary, CoolProof will undoubtedly represent a valuable addition to every introductory logic course.

The customer

We have developed the application for our client Mr. Basold who teaches introduction to logic on the University of Leiden. For this course he wants to help students finding their way with logic proof-trees. Therefore the university bought a brand-new touch screen where our application can be shown to every student. This product is specifically developed for Mr. Basold therefore we have been communicating with him throughout the entire process. At least every two weeks we have had a meeting with Mr. Basold where we showed him the latest demo and discussed further features. Although we were not able to implement all the features, we have come a long way and kept the product as close to Mr. Basold's wishes as we could. In our collaboration we have learned that Mr. Basold is a passionate teacher who tries to make studying as fun and understandable for his students as possible. This project represent another example of his dedication to his craft. We as a team have really enjoyed working with him.

"Keep the customer's wishes in mind during every step of the process"
The team

Our team consists of six members. Two of them follow the 'Computer Science' study, one the double study 'Math and Computer Science', one 'Bio-Computer Science' and two study 'Computer science and Economics'. We are a team with very different backgrounds, this really helped us throughout the process. Every member delivered his own contribution and when a team member was stuck in the process there was always someone to help him or her out. The Bio-Computer Science, Computer Science and math and Computer science members were most intimately involved with the programming of the product. The Computer Science and Economics students had some trouble to hook on, so they mostly focused on other issues within the process. At the end we are extremely proud of the application we've delivered.

The technologies