Planning Poker

The project

The Agile Poker Portfolio application is a tool that can help managers and directores to facilitate decision-making on a strategic level. The goal of the application is to put together and prioritize projects for a project using value propositions. The participating teams are IT and Business. The IT team prioritizes and rates projects based on size/complexity, while the Business team prioritizes and rates projects based on impact. The great thing about our tool is that everyone has a say, and not just the persons with the highest status. Once all projects are estimated, a prioritized backlog will appear. Projects with a high impact and small size will be on top of the prioritized backlog.
The Agile Poker Portfolio application is the perfect tool for mangagers and directors to gain insight into projects. The prioritized backlog allows them to start on the most valuable project. By using our tool, a lot of time, money and effort will be saved. Our tool prevents managers and directors to work on projects that are valuable, but are very difficult to implement afterwards, or vice versa. In other words, prevent working on projects that are not worth it. Managers and directors who use Agile Poker Portfolio never have to work again on projects that are not feasible.

The customer

Christoph Stettina is our customer. He is a very enthusiastic, motivated, alive and kicking man. He has put an enormous amount of time into us and into the project over the past 2-3 months. We had 2 meetings per week as standard with Christoph, sometimes even more than that. The team members also had separate meetings with him from time to time. Because of this approach, all team members were forced to show his/her results weekly. And with success. Thanks to Christoph's approach, we completed the sprints every week and set up a working product in a short amount of time. We have built a really good relationship with him these past 2-3 months. We worked hard as a team, but we also laughed a lot. After the Corona lockdown 2.0 we will soon do drinks. Christoph has been trying to plan that for a month. On behalf of the team, a huge shoutout to Christoph for guiding us through the project.

"First solve the problem, then write the code."
The team

Our team consists of 7 members. Each member in our group has its own qualities. Tess has made beautiful designs of the Agile Portfolio Poker application. Charlotte worked on the implementing the screen designs in the frontend. Louise is our Experience Designer. She has studied the various actors and contributed a lot to testing. Tess, Charlotte and Louise have provided the complete design of the app. We move the core of the project: Robin and Femke. Robin has worked on the entire backend and Femke worked on the fronted and database. They have implemented the entire app. Despite we started two weeks later on the project, they have ensured we eventually have a working app. Hats off to what Robin and Femke have done. Luc is a force we also needed. Finally, Nina, our SCRUM Master has ensured that the SCRUM rules were outlived. Everyone of the team contributed their bit. We have worked hard for the past weeks, but as a result we have created a very nice product: the Agile Portfolio Poker application.

The technologies