The project

We have created a new dynamic website for LUDev to showcase the projects portfolio. Our web application offers a complete users-teams-projects network, which in turn allows for much easier management. An admin can assign each user to a team, which can then be assigned to a project. Each team member has access to an 'edit' page of the project which their team is assigned to where they can edit the text and images themselves. On the project page, markdown is supported. The projects within the portfolio can be viewed per year. The list of project is loaded dynamically and so are the search results. Students can change the password of their account. When a student has forgotten her/his password, an admin can send a new random password to a user. Other functionalities include a contact form and a search bar for the projects. Because of this broad array of functionalities, we believe our application can facilitate a much easier setup for next years Software Engineering course.

The customer

LUDev is a company set up by the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science. Its goal is to support students for the courses Software Engineering, Managing Software Evolution and Systems Development when developing software for real clients. LUDev helps these students find projects from real-world clients for these courses and manages negotiations in case of commercial use of software developed by the students. It focuses on fast results, client satisfaction and flexibility by developing software using the Scrum method. LUDev is led by dr. Alfons Laarman, prof. dr. Joost Visser and dr. Guus Ramackers. We had many successful client meetings in Microsoft Teams. We were able to easily communicate and discuss with each other. Moreover, were we able to easily understand the given feedback from the client.

"We have created a product that I did not expect we would be able to realize."
The team

We are a team of five students from multiple studies including I, I&B, I&E. We had a hard time at the start. The further we got into this project the more we managed to get our team to communicate and bundle our individual qualities. When someone got stuck, often we could help each other out. This way we have also learned a lot from each other. Using GitHub and Scrum we could also work apart without interfering with each other. This way each of us worked on our own tasks, but kept in constant contact through whatsapp. By reviewing each other's code we mostly understood what was happening in the global scope of our project.

The technologies