Quantum Rules!

The project

Our product is an extension on the already-existing Quantum Rules! project, a website that delivers an escape-room-like learning experience in physics for high school students. With our additions, the product is more accessible and offers an the improvement of quality in education.
In earlier iterations of the software, escape-room questions were limited to basic text-based questions. Now the website supports nicely formatted math equations and informative images. In the scope of our project, we also improved the quality and security of the system. Several security leaks and risks were eliminated and the software was made more robust through extensive testing.

The customer

Our client, dr. Henk Buisman of the Leiden Institute of Physics, runs the Quantum Rules! project, an educational lab in physics for high school students.

"The biggest bottleneck in Software Engineering is communication between people, e.g., programmers not understanding clients and clients not understanding programmers."
The team

Our team was made up of members with diverse skill sets in software development. We split our teams according to skills into three groups. One group focused on feature development, trying to realize as many new features as possible, as well as improving on some existing ones. The second group focused mostly on developing a strong testing suite to improve the stability and reliability of the software. The third group worked on with server upkeep and security improvements. With these role definitions we managed to get plenty of work done working both independently, while regularly coordinating together as a team.

The technologies

The two frameworks we worked with the most are Vue for frontend development and Auth0 for security. For server and package management, we used Node.JS and npm.