Sports analytics

The project

The LIACS Sport Data Center processes all kinds of sports data. Often they need to combine different time-stamped sensor data with video images. To facilitate this job, we have realized a specialized dash board tool that allows a user to set synchronization points and inspect the synchronized data easily in order to improve the sport performances. The tool can import multiple videos and measurements. To maximize the analysis, the tool offers functions to smooth or average sensor data. Moreover, it includes support for saving the environment.

The customer

The LIACS Sport Data Center works with several sport teams to improve their performances based on the latest technology and data. In this project, we were working with data from world-class speed skaters; the inputs are videos from different angles as well as sensor data, such as, hard rate, XYZ movements and acceleration.

"The most challenging part about Software Engineering is working together with a client and in a team, this was much more challenging than implementing the product itself."
The team

Our team consisted of six students in total: Two students following the Computer Science & Economics bachelor and four students following the regular Computer Science bachelor. Despite our challenging schedules, we managed to work together regularly and realize an exciting end product.

The technologies