Team self-assessment software

The project

Our program allows teams of students to assess each other on multiple aspects, such as, contribution to the project, quality of work and punctuality. This can be used by course teachers to get insights in the dynamics within the group and find out if there are any problems relating to team work in the group or if one student did exceptionally well/awful. The program highlights the outliers so assessments can be made easier and more intuitive.
The program allows for any amount of teachers to create any amount of courses containing any amount of groups with any amount of students. The program is designed in a way to minimize the strain on the teacher.
Before this program existed, the teacher had to print out a couple of pages for each student to fill in. After this the teacher had to go through all the paperwork and check everything himself. Now, everything can be done online, saving a bunch of effort and paper.

The customer

Our customer was Dr. Guus Ramackers, a researcher and lecturer at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science.
The customer had a clear idea of what he wanted and had a project and requirements ready from the start. Our meetings were always productive, we have always been able to discuss everything and never left with lingering questions (often answering more questions than we had before heading into the meeting).

"The most challenging part about a Software Engineering project is getting started and making the first steps towards tangible results: Once the first tangible results were in, we gained more motivation to carry the project to the finish line."
The team

Within our team there were quite a few differences in experience with different technologies (Frameworks, languages, server hosting, etc.). Exchanging our knowledge really helped us to get a feel of the project.
During regular meetings, we commonly worked on the project helped which helped in keeping everyone involved in the project and actively partake in planning and discussion.

The technologies