Smart watch analytics

The project

The objective of our project was to gather sensory data of smart watches for scientific researchers. We created a modular app so that the researchers can freely decide which sensors to use and record. Secondly, we developed a dashboard app as frontend. Researchers can now visualize, aggregate and output the data in an CSV file.
Under the hood, our tool implements a protocol to allow the computer and watches to communicate with each other. We were able to deliver all the requirements our client needed and the product can in fact be used for a research. Therefore, we can consider this as a successful project.

The customer

Our customer was Daniela Gawehns, a PhD candidate at LIACS. She currently works on a research project “Dementia back in the heart of the community,” which aims to gain insights on the physical health and behavior of nursing home residents living with dementia. Our project will help her with this research. We met up with our customer regularly to discuss her wishes regarding the project and our progress. Since she is very knowledgeable, we also involved her in the technical aspects of the project, which yielded valuable feedback.

"Working together in a team can be very difficult, but with effort you can learn it."
The team

Our team consisted of seven students, one who is a Computer Science and Economics student, the others Computer Science students. We divided our team into two groups, each dedicated to a separate app (frontend and backend). Most of us had no experience with team-based development, so we learned a lot about how to use Scrum to manage the project.

The technologies