Smart Recruiter

The project

In a faster growing world, more and more people are looking for a job. Most (if not all) of them come with a résumé. Some businesses get overwhelmed with the number of résumés to read. To lighten the workload, we made a smart-recruiter. The smart-recruiter takes in the résumés and gives a recommendation based on the qualities of the applicant. Because of this, the recruiters don’t have to scan for the right applicants and only have to consider the fine details of each applicant to make a decision.

The customer

Our customer was Accenture. Accenture prides itself in providing unmatched services to its clients. Services in strategy, consulting, technology & operations. For this project we worked with Accenture’s Liquid Studios in Utrecht. Liquid Studios aims to improve delivering software, by rapidly prototyping using the latest technologies. By means of brain storming, experimentation and working with rapid development methodologies like scrum, they can deliver applications out of concepts in a matter of days instead of months. In this project, we applied the same methodologies.

"The most challenging part about Software Engineering is coming together as a team and finding the best way to make it work"
The team

Our team consisted of three Computer Science bachelor students (CS) and three Computer Science & Economics bachelor students (CS&E) from the University of Leiden. The CS students worked on the back-end of the project and the CS&E students focused on the front-end of the project and the project management. when problems occurred, we conveined the entire group to find solutions.

The technologies

We used the following software technologies: - VUE (JavaScript): for building an interactive web-interface (used in the front-end)
- Python (used in the back-end)
- Apache Tika: for parsing the résumés.
- MongoDB (open source document data-base): for storage of the résumés (needed for AI)
- Tornado (webserver)
- SpaCy: software for natural language processing