Story recorder

The project

We made an application that is used to record stories told by children for research purposes. Children can record their voice and, with consent from the parent, this recording can be sent to Max van Duijn for his research. It is easy for the children to record and they will see a cute avatar on screen. And when the children fall quiet, they will be encouraged to keep talking.

The customer

The customer is a researcher at University Leiden called Max Johannes van Duijn. The application will be used in his research to get insight on how children develop their story telling at an early age.

"Working for a real client is challenging and helped us grow as software engineers"
The team

Our team consists of seven people from different studies, which makes it a diverse group that complements each other’s skills. Some people have experience witch application programming, one had some experience with design, and two people study Computer Science & Economics (Informatica & Economie in Dutch), so they have had courses on project management, which were useful for this project.

The technologies

For this project we used the programming language C# and the platform Xamarin.Forms to develop our application.