Quantum Rules!

The project

The Quantum Rules! project is an easy tool to assist teachers and universities to help secondary school VWO students learn quantum mechanics, by offering an online environment in which the students can login and answer questions designed by the supervisor. These questions should be answered by solving experiments that are set up by the supervisor. The online environment makes it easier for the supervisor and the students to track their own progress, opposed to using pen and paper for around 30 students per class. Quantum Rules! also mimics an escape room style atmosphere, adding another element to make the environment more interesting for the students.

The customer

Henk Buisman is a very engaged customer. Every Thursday we’d have a meeting. He wanted to know everything that was going on, even the finer details. We have a relationship that neighs more toward a cordial relationship than a pure professional relationship.
Communication proved to be quite an important aspect of the project. One could argue that the communication was a larger task than writing the actual code at some points, especially if you rely on others to cooperate with you. Just as programming this was a learning process and at the beginning there were some struggles and miscommunications. Over time we got used to the code and working together, which resulted in more streamlined and efficient communication and that is a valuable skill to take with us for future projects.

"Creating working software is fun!"
The team

Our team consists of seven people of which four are Computer Science students and three are CS&E students.

The technologies

The projects main language used is JavaScript. The client-side of the framework is developed using Vue.js, Vuex and Vue-router. The API was built around Loopback.io. Communication between client and API is achieved by using Socket.io. This was all in place when we started on the project, and we merely continued use of these frameworks.