Travel request system

The project

In this project, we created a website for the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS) to digitalize the travel request system. To achieve this, we created a simple but efficient html form, that handles all travels request.

The customer

Our clients are three employees from LIACS. At that moment, they handled the budget of all travel requests.

"We learned that the most important aspect about Software Engineering is, that one need to keep communicating, with the client, but also with the team."
The team

We had a team of six students. Four of these are studying Computer Science and the other two are studying Computer Science & Economics (I&E). This mix of students is very useful in the project, since the Computer Science students are mainly focused on programming, while the I&E students can focus on the process and project management. In this way, we could deliver a very nice product to our client.

The technologies

To create the website for the travel requests, we used an html form. The data is of this form is stored in a database. Emails are send with PHP. Furthermore, we made a login page using PHP, and a search table which is a combination of javascript and PHP. Every employee can use the form, and only persons who are authorized can view and/or edit data.